The Procurement Department of the Premier Mimshach Group, is responsible for the acquisition of all goods and services required by Premier Mimshach Group, and all companies registered under the group in line with the 5 R’s of Procurement.

    • Right Quality
    • Right Quantity
    • Right Price
    • Right Time
    • Right Place

The Vendor/Supplier Management and Financial / Accounting Module in the Premier Mimshach Group’s web based portal, manages all Vendors/Suppliers and the procurement process within the group in line with world class standards.
The benefits of the Premier Mimshach Group web based portal with regards to procurement includes the following:

    • Vendor Registration and Management,
    • Request for Quotation Management (RFQ).
    • Quotation / Tender document management.
    • Transparent bidding process.
    • Effective Purchase Order Management.
    • Invoice Management / effective payment process.
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