Premier Mimshach Group

Premier Mimshach Group

The stalwart parent company, Premier Mimshach Group Limited, houses the different Mimshach subsidiaries. Incorporated in 2011, Premier Mimshach Group Limited manages the administrative and operational concerns of the companies under the group. Reputed for its commitment to excellence, the group meets the needs of our clients and proffers targeted solutions to the challenges faced in the various markets and industries in which we operate.

At Premier Mimshach Group Limited, our clients are always the focal point. We are conscious of helping them achieve their goals, whether that means simplifying a complicated oil logistics system, providing solutions to their energy problems, or installing modern technological systems within their processes.

We are constantly on a mission to deliver value to our customers and the society. It is this passion that drives us to work with a purposeful sense of urgency, conscious about the depth of impact we want to leave behind.

Premier Mimshach Group Limited boasts of a team of professionals who regard our core values, serving with a tenacious commitment to the precepts that we hold dear. This, among other things, has earned us the admiration of our clients, partners, and the market where we operate.

The following are our subsidiaries:

“your challenge is our opportunity”