Our recruitment and selection practices are in adherence to standard recruitment guidelines, selecting new recruits meritoriously.

Our focus when recruiting is training and retaining persons with a demonstrated commitment to growth at all levels. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for specific traits that are in alignment with the company’s values.

These traits include:

  • Professionalism

At Premier Mimshach Group, we seek people who are interested in building a career in their identified profession. You must be some who is willing to acquire and build specialised expertise to be a part of our team.

  • Innovativeness

Persons with a new and refreshing approach to any given task are the kind we are looking for. If you love to experiment and like to find efficient ways to do things, you are just the right fit for our organisation.

  • Integrity

A person who practices consistent and uncompromising honesty is precisely who we want on our team. The team at Premier Mimshach Group have great integrity that guides their every action within and outside the company.

  • Excellence

We recruit persons with outstanding qualities and consistent a commitment to quality delivery in all they do. These kinds of persons deliver beyond expectation on every project, role or task. We are interested in people who possess this quality as an inherent habit and not an act.

  • Team Player

Possessing a collaborative mindset is seen as a great plus in this organisation. You must be willing and able to perform well with other people.

  • Adaptability

You must be a person who is full of energy and capable of adjusting and adapting in our ever- changing workspace. In a professional space where everything is energetic, we want team members who can keep up with our speed.

  • Tenacity

Our team members are those who work with other goal-orientated people to achieve the most desirable results.

  • Proficient in communication

Communication is an important part of what we do. Thus, understanding and possessing the ability for clear expression of vital information using the proper channels is an added advantage for prospective team members.