Mimshach Logistics Oil Services limited

Yet another subsidiary of Premier Mimshach Group Limited, Mimshach Logistics Oil Service Limited was incorporated in 2009 with the aim of solving the logistics service needs of the oil and gas industry.

Mimshach Logistics Oil Service Limited is strategically positioned as a world class logistics provider in the oil and gas industry, providing efficient, reliable, and on-demand logistics services to individuals, governmental and corporate organizations alike.

We continuously strengthen our logistics capabilities by investing in high quality infrastructure and forming essential partnerships. As such, we have an asset base that helps maintain the free flow of logistics delivery from us to our clients.

Operating within the same value chain as Mimshach Energy Limited, Mimshach Logistics Oil Services Limited works to ensure that the High-Quality Petroleum Products which the former provides is efficiently delivered to the market in good condition and without any safety issues during transportation.

We manage:

  • Product supply
  • Logistics and Distribution Management
  • Product or Stock Management

Our logistics and distribution channels are efficient and meets Health Safety Environmental (HSE) standards.

"Your Logistics Challenge is Our Opportunity""